Sun Streaming Studio

A boutique digital studio based in East Los Angeles.

We create beautiful, functional websites for creative industries and small business.
Our work is characterised by clean, responsive code and arresting design.

We view web development as a holistic affair. It’s all about the harmonious union of a number of components. We believe that the best websites come about when careful consideration is paid to Information Architecture, User Experience Design and Content Strategy.

Our approach involves getting to know you, like, really well. This then allows us to tailor a site and production experience best suited to your unique requirements and personality. We pride ourselves on strong communication skills, be it over coffee or over Skype and have an international network of experts in fields including copywriting, photography, illustration, branding and graphic design, all on hand to help.

We also offer a development only service to graphic designers who need their work brought to life on the old www, rendering photoshop or illustrator files to pixel perfect, fully functioning sites.  

> Information Architecture
Information architecture involves organising, structuring and labelling content in an effective and sustainable way. We look at your needs, and the realistic amount of time you be able to dedicate to content updates and maintenance to determine what kind of information architecture will suit your site and create the best environment for search engine optimisation. We create custom fields and post types to streamline and template your content.
> User Experience (UX)
Here we consider your audience and their journey through the site. We ensure that the user experience maximises the goals of the site, be it to sell a product, showcase your work . We make sure there are meaningful and effective calls to action.
> Content Strategy
The goal of content strategy is to create meaningful, cohesive and engaging content. We ask questions like, how do you decide what to include on your site? How often should you update it to encourage people to return, creating productive and rewarding feedback loops? Do you have a style guide, branding guidelines?  Who is your audience and how does your content speak to them?  Of course, the way content is managed is informed by the Information Architecture, and the way it’s experienced by the design, everything is connected!

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